Sprinting to the Future of Law

Series Introduction

Technologies are already woven into every aspect of our life. They are transforming the way we work, we socialize, and we live. Many more of such transformational technologies are on the way. And every new technology and its applications will bring unique legal challenges.

At Nishith Desai Associates, we believe in helping shape the future of law through deep research and thought leadership. Towards fulfilling this mission, we have created this, Sprinting to the Future of Law series.

In each issue of this series, we will analyze an emerging, just-over-the-horizon technology and offer our insights on its possible applications and important legal and other considerations.


Caring for Mother Earth

Sustainability with NetZero Buildings

Energy consumption in manufacturing building materials (such as cement, steel, and glass) and operating a building (because of HVAC systems and appliances) has increased by hundreds of folds in the last one and half centuries. A large part of the energy comes from the sources that add greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and cause global warming. We need to reverse the course to avoid the devastating consequences of the climate change. The concept of NetZero buildings can help.

In this issue of our Sprinting to the Future of Law series, we look at what NetZero buildings are, technologies involved in enabling NetZero buildings, which sectors and organizations would be interested in them, what is happening in India about NetZero buildings, and key legal, ethical, and environmental considerations with NetZero buildings.

April 2024




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Heaven, Help Us!!!

Global Connectivity Through Space Internet

  • April 2024
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Look Ma, No Ground!

Soaring High on Hoverbikes

  • March 2024
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Two Peas in a Pod
One Real, One Virtual

Duplicating with Digital Twins

  • March 2024
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Who Am I –
Human or Machine?

Synchronizing with Cyborgs

  • March 2024